Top 5 Tips On Termite White Ant Protection

Do you know how serious a problem termites are? Most people don’t realize it until it’s too late. Take your home for example. Termites have the ability to basically eat right through virtually any area of it and make it unlivable. You won’t have any idea what hit you until the damage has already taken place.  Here’s a short list of the complete methods these critters can use to make life hectic for you:

  • Have the capability of eating through wood
  • Can eat through thick flooring
  • Can eat through wallpaper
  • Work at eating wood 24/7 without being detected
  • Have the ability to weaken the structural integrity of a house over time

Not to worry, because there are steps you can take in order to deal with the problem. Here are 5 tips on how to protect your home from termites and white ants.

  • You can take measures in order to get rid of or reduce the level of moisture in your home or around it. The reason for this is because termites and white ants depend on this in order to survive and thrive. Higher levels of moisture in and around the home means increased chances of issues with these critters.
  • You’ll want to change the weather stripping as well as any mortar that’s loose around windows and the foundation of your basement.
  • You can schedule a time to have the foundation of your home carefully inspected. During this time you’ll want to look for any signs of termite and white ant issues such as mud tubes (commonly utilized by termites in order to access food sources), paint that appears uneven or bubbling as well as wood that seems hollow when pressed or tapped on.
  • You want to make sure you keep watch over certain vulnerable areas of your house such any area where wood is present. This would include areas such as windows, doorframes cabinets. Any serious changes should be regarded carefully.
  • Lastly you can decide to schedule for a professional inspection on an annual basis. However, you’ll want to make sure you use the right form of treatment. Sentricon based treatments for the home are extremely effective at treating for termite and white ant issues because Sentricon always active. It works 24/7 in order to combat these critters and destroy their colonies.

Termites and white ants are a serious issue with not just old homes comprised of a high level of wood, but newer homes as well. You need to protect your home against any serious threat to its structural integrity.

Using a professional service that uses Sentricon based treatment is a good way to go, but you’ll also want to make use of the other tips mentioned. You’ll need to be consistently proactive in order to control the risk of termites and white ants taking over your home. If not, then the problem can become so severe to the point of displacing you.